In Store Displays

Supermarkets, Hardware, Convenience stores, All Environments

Pay attention to shoppers as they push their trolley or basket through a grocery or hardware store. Their movement is often indicative of somebody who is lost.

They have a shopping list and the challenge is working out where something is. You can impress your customers by solving their shopping dilemma from the moment they walk in and as they make their way throughout your store, creating an enjoyable shopping experience rather than a frustrating one. Use the opportunity and take advantage of your satisfied audience by ensuring they’re subtly informed of specials contained in the very aisle that they are in, allowing them to just reach down and grab at the point of influence.

All of this to improve shopping experience in your store and more….ask us how…

In-store decision prompts – All environments
Now that you have your customer attracted enough to enter your store, we still need to make sure they purchase. What is your percentage of walk-outs without making a purchase? Wouldn’t you want it to be lower?

Is your sales lady getting the chance to inform these possible shoppers of the reasons why your product is a great match for them and to influence them to purchase before they shut her down upon approach with the dreaded, “we’re just looking, thanks” line. They say this because people hate being sold to. But they love to buy! Human engagement risks being sold to, so they avoid it to make up their own mind. But we can help you to help them make up their minds with specific in-store prompts. Lighting and audio and visual ambience which creates an environment feels comfortable, attracting people into it and keeping them there. Your products will be advertised in a dynamic format, ensuring engagement between you and your in-store audience, demonstrating your value and ensuring they are influenced positively and leave an informed and happy customer.