About Us

Dynamic Moving Pixels is a high-tech digital signage solutions pioneer.

Our custom designed digital content solutions are unmatched in sheer dynamic creativity and are geared in line with our vision.. To break the boundaries of your business’ image through creative technology.

Our service will allow you to advertise your brand in a way that you and your customers have never experienced before.


  • greater traffic flow to your business
  • interest in your brand and products
  • communication of your true value proposition to the market
  • winning point of decision moments
  • sales of specific products or services
  • overall brand expression

As a business owner, you understand that an improvement in any of these areas results in an expected improvement of profits.

Our content design team has years of experience in compelling and influential graphic and animated media production over a diverse range of brands.  This incorporated with your brand and highest quality technology positioned in studied positions targeting your desired market provides the greatest potential to improve awareness about your brands offering and driving your key selling points.

Our consultative approach is based on learning your perspective on your business, what is your value proposition and what is your vision?

With this information and taking in various other factors, we conceptualize and propose your bespoke media content and display solution.

Aside from Dynamic Moving Pixels’ unique creative content abilities and consultative approach, what truly sets us apart from the herd is that we understand business. We understand that your business cannot take on the capital outlay overheads upfront while waiting for the impact of the media to increase sales afterwards. We have arranged our costing into an affordable monthly opex, which your business can absorb without feeling an impact financially. No deposit! Not one cent will be paid by you until your system, made up of the best quality technology and your custom media content created specifically for you is fully installed and operational!